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Show Yesterdays data in straight chart

Hi All,


I have some records for March Month.In one of charts I just want to show yesterdays' business.I created vYesterday Value,and pass into the expression .But it can not fulfill the requirement.I have attached application with sample data.Kindly help me.



Rupali Ethape

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Master II
Master II

Please see the attached file for the solution. Hope this helps..


Creator II
Creator II

Good, mmmm you go that function, you could send me what is the graph or table that you want to show ???
first of all, if you have a table where the dimension you use in the analyisys set would tell you that it will not work, it will always give you the values ​​related to that dimension.

in the graph that was in your qvw that we passed you add a more metric, only contains the variable that you defined, here is another topic, when you define a variable it does not contain the value, it contains the calculation (max (Date)), and if in a graph use a max (Date) but you have the dimension Date, the value of max (Date) will always be Date of the record.