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Show and Hide issue in Hierarchy


                I have a requirement like to show and hide the list boxes based on selectuions, here my attaching the file and am giving  a example for my requirement  so please look into this.

                In my file we have a hierarchy like Domain-> GSS->ACE  if we select any URL from the list box then if we dnt have GSS to corresponding URL that listbox should hide and respective arrows also should have to hide and Domain-> ACE arrow has to come up(by default this arrow has to hide) for example  from the list box select this value ''aceoddu-ebmx-bvi330''then from architecture only one ACE is visible remaining list boxes are hidden from the same you can see 2 arrows i want hide that small arrow(GSS->ACE) also here i want show one arrow i.e Domain -> ACE

                Now clear selections this time arrow between Domain to ACE should hide. Same for another value ''acesdcu-ebmx-bvi330''.

                For other list boxes (Straight table) to display and hide am using the following condtion =Count({<N_ITEM_TYP ={'ACE'}, C_LOC ={'ODD'}>} Trim(X_ITEM_VAL)) in Listbox properties-> Layout->Conditionla Display.

                                                        How can we implement this?????



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