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Creator II
Creator II

Show respective expression values irrespective of selection made


I am trying to create a straight table with the following dimension & Expression


=if (match(Field_Character,'xyz') and match(Field2,'abc'), Code_No)


num#(interval(below(Date) - Date,'ss'))

The problem is that - since I am using Below() function, when I select 1 value in dimension, the expression value is displaying "-". How do I freeze it to show the respective values in spite of making a selection. But, when I make the selection, only that Dimension value should be displayed.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Try this

Num#(Interval(below(Only({<Code_No, Field_Character, Field2>} Date)) - Date,'ss'))

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Sunny,

Thank you for your response. This works, however, it shows "-" for all other Code_No in the table when I make a selection. Is it possible to show only the selected Code? Not sure if this is a possibility since I am using Below() function.

‌can you make sure that ‘Suppress Zero Value’ is checked on the presentation tab of the chart properties?

Creator II
Creator II


But that would also not display the Codes where the difference in time is actually 0, when I do not make any selection, right?

In that case I would suggest you to look into using The As-Of Table