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Show value in chart_elements using a function - not possible in 3D?


in bar-, line- and combocharts there is the possibility of leaving the checkbox to "show value in segment" unticked and use a formula in the expression_properties_window instead.

The formula has to return either 1 or 0 as a result, you can use pretty much anything.

However, when I switch the chart_design to 3D, that does not seem to work anymore.

The reason I want to use a formula is that there are two columns, one for 2014, one for 2015.

The one for 2015 consists of two stacked elements, the other column is just one piece. I cannot use the checkbox for the "values in chart_elements" because then I'd get two different figures - one for each element. So I want to not tick this checkbox and use the expression_properties instead.

<=> This seems to work only on simple 2D_charts, not on a more stylish 3D_design.

Can anyone give me a hint as to how to get this working anyway?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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