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Showing cumulative values YTD, but yet display only the current week


[this is just a new version of a prior discussion that I guess was formulated too complicated, so I got no answers - I cannot delete the old one, I marked it as "solved"]

I have a barchart diagram with damage_events where I am facing the following issue:

- I used to have a time restriction in the dimension. I have removed that, it makes the thing too unintuitive; Instead, I have a selection made automatically when the sheet is activated.

- In that diagram, I show either individual values or cumulative values and by day or by month, among others.

- The trick is: I want to show the cumulative values on a YTD-basis regardless of the selection. So I have used set_analysis to ignore the selection for now.

     -- That works fine for monthly values - I get all twelve months then, which is just fine.

     -- It does not work for daily values - then I get a column for every single day from the start of the year

     => I would like to restrict the display to just five columns (only the current workweek), but still display the cumulative values calculated on a YTD-basis.

Can anybody give me a hint as to how this can be achieved? I guess I will have to use a workaround since I cannot ignore the month_selection and yet use it - or can I?

Thanks a lot!

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