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Simple? How can I create a crosstable in QlikView?


I have an Excel file to load my data from that is actually a crosstable - so the correct way would be to load it as a crosstable which gives me three fields - two for the dimensions and one for the data.

So far no problem.

How can I create the same thing again in QlikView now (a crosstable)? When I select the diagram type "straight table", I have the option of ticking a checkbox "horizontal" on the presentation tab, but then all my dimensions will be horizontal which is not what I want. One dimension should remain vertical, the other should be horizontal.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Simple? How can I create a crosstable in QlikView?

Use the pivot table chart type instead of the straight table. In the pivot table you can maneuver a dimension to horizontal by dragging it to the right just above the expression(s). When you see a horizontal double-arrowed blue line you can let go and the dimension should be displayed horizontally.

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