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Simplify a diagram


on one sheet of a document, I have a diagram (pivot) showing like a calendar_sheet for the current month with some info in the boxes and below it the exact same thing for the prior month.

The background is, I can use set_analysis only when I have an aggregation like SUM or the like - so I cannot (or don't know how to) use it in the dimension. For that reason, the formula used in the first diagram (current month) is quite different from that used in the second one (prior month).

That makes it quite difficult to implement any required changes in background_colour or so - and it will make it difficult for anyone else to understand the working of the diagram(s).

I have attached a sample qvw and a dummy Excel file for you to clarify this.

Can anybody give me a hint how to use the same formula in both diagrams and implement the difference some other way?

Thanks a lot!

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