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Single color in Linear Gauge Chart


I am using a Linear Gauge in a Straight Table (charts). I would like the the full Linear Gauge to display the same color depending on percentage like this:

>=95% = Green

Between 95% and 85% = Yellow

<=85% = Red

I end up with different colors instead of having one single color as segmented above.

Instead it looks like this:


I have tried different if statements but I am unable to display only one color.

Does anyone know how to do have. I would appreciate your input.


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Re: Single color in Linear Gauge Chart


Please find the attachement,

Niranjan M.

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Re: Single color in Linear Gauge Chart


select the gauge settings

u need 3 segments

deselect the auto width segments

for 1st segment give  0.00

for segment 2   give   0.86

for segment 3   give   0.96

and change the colors

in gauge settings  min value--0   and max value--1

then it give 3 color segments  upto  85%  one color   and 85 to 95 another color  and 95 to 100% another color

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