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Skipping points on a line graph


I have a line graph, where the data series per second is something like:


The -1's in this series are failures and I would like to show nothing there for that particular x-value. So the graph should be a line and then break and then start again. How would I achieve this in Qlikview?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Skipping points on a line graph

You can use the Background Color expression of the chart expression for this. Click on the + in front of the expression on the Expressions tab. Select Background Color and enter an expression like if(sum(Value)=-1 or Below(sum(Value))=-1,White()). Replace sum(Value) with your chart expression. See attached example

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Re: Skipping points on a line graph


you could:

1.- use an expression for the graph like =if(Value<0,0,Value) so it will show zero when the value is below zero in the graph (remember to uncheck the "Supress zero values" in the chart properties). This is the example attached.

2.- Skip the Valuez below zero when you load the escript. They will not be shown in the chart.

Hope this helps.

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