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Sort a pivot with 3 dimension

I have a problem with sorting a pivot table:

I have two dimensions on the left and one on the top. One expression with the sum of value.

I want to sort the pivot by decreasing value for the first dimension but if i expand the second dimension is not sort correctly.



I attach a example.

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Sort a pivot with 3 dimension

With partial sum for car doesnt change any mor, but I dont know if thats what you want

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Re: Sort a pivot with 3 dimension

You can concatenate your dimensions in a column.

You put that column in first so you can sort with this one.

You hide this column with the macro :

sub Collapse

call HideColumn("CH06", 1)

end sub

private sub HideColumn(ch, n)

set ch = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(ch)

ch.SetPixWidth (n-1), 0

end sub

but you to stop the posssibility of reduction



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