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Sort fields based on their values inside multibox

Hi all,

I have the following multibox, in which the separate fields represent our business areas.


This is shown as additional info when an opportunity is selected; if the opportunity contains work related to a business area (field), 'yes' is shown - otherwise 'no'. Datacenter Solution and Product Support Services have been added to our CRM system lately, which is why there is not much data related to them (shown at the bottom).

What I would like the multibox to do is show values with 'yes' at the top, 'no' under them and those without much data at the bottom. So I basically want to sort the fields according to their values.

I tried to use the 'sort by applicability'-functionality, but with no luck.

Should the value be 'yes', It would also be informative to change the color of the specific cell. How could I do that?



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Re: Sort fields based on their values inside multibox

You can use State or Expression to chnage the sort order in Sort tab.


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