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Sorting Expressions

I have a chart with many expressions.  Whenever I add a new expression, I press the "Promote" button many times to get the expression to show in the order I would like. Is there an easier way to do this, like some kind of drag and drop, or any other way that I can sort the chart expressions without having to press the promote and demote buttons repeatedly? Or a way to select multple expressions so I can move them all up or down at the same time?

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Re: Sorting Expressions

On the Expressions tab you can drag and drop them, but not on the Sort tab. It's a bit bothersome sometimes with large numbers of expressions, but manageable since I rarely need more than six in a table. And I can rearange the table by dragging and dropping columns directly in the table.

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Re: Sorting Expressions


In straight table , in sort tab -> select Allow Interactive sort. And click ok.. You can use click the header of the expression its sort ascending or descending ways..

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Re: Sorting Expressions

Thanks everyone. I figured this was the case. I did find that I could hold down ALT + P after selecting the expression and it would move it up or down faster than having to click repeatedly.

The reason I asked is because I use a dynamic pivot table where users choose which dimensions and expressions to see, which requires me to have a lot (~100) expressions in one pivot table.

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