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Sorting within a Rank function

I am trying to obtain the top 25% of members in a given org.  My issue is that around the cut-offs there are ties.  With the Rank(Field, 4) I am able to get the right number of members but the wrong members that make up those numbers.  In a table box I can sort by the Rank first and then by the members ID number.  The issue is I am trying to use this expression in a text object so I am not able to use the sort tab.

Is there a way to Sort by Rank and then ID number within a text object.  I have already tried an Order By IDNumber ASC in the script and it didn't seem to make any difference.

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Re: Sorting within a Rank function

Use the ID number to create a fraction that can be added to the value you now rank on.

Maybe something like rank(Field+ IDNumber/100000,4)

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