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Splitting a graph into several graphs


I have a master graph that may contain several meters. Normally between 3 and 10.

In this graph I have temperature, flow, pressure,quantity and so on.

The problem is that these have different scales.

Tempreature may vary between 20 and 60 byt quantity may be 100 000 of liters. Placed on the same graph temp will be useless.

I have read that I can have two x-axis, but not found any topics covering more then 2 x-axis.

So I assume I would have to divide the master graph into several graphs.

I tried to add a field, Valve, in my data telling if the data is temperature, flow, pressure. I set the value to TT,FT,PT(temparature tag, flow tag and so on)

I tried to create a new graph where I add this to my dimmension:

=IF(Valve= 'CT',Tag) (Valve is the new field. Tag is the full valve ID.)

Checked "Supress When Values is Null"

My goal is to gather all graphs fo type TT in one, CT in one and PT in one.

Any one got any ideas on how to do this?

Bes regards


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