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Sql query get to the qlikview

hi im shehan

How to write this query using qlikview .i need create a table using this query

select distinct nawinna_inltran.inlddt,wekmast.wekwek From nawinna_inltran,wekmast

where   nawinna_inltran.inlddt>=wekmast.wekfrddt  and   nawinna_inltran.inlddt<=wekmast.wektoddt and to_char(nawinna_inltran.inlddt,'YYYY-MM') ='2013-05';

plz help me on that

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Re: Sql query get to the qlikview

According to your query we wirite the code in qlikview


load * ;

Sql select inlddt  from   nawinna_inltran;


load *;

Sql select wekwek, wekfrddt, wektoddt  from  wekmast;


load *, rowno() as Key  resident TableA;


load * ,rowno() as Key  resident TableB;


load *  resident DataTable

where  inlddt>=wekfrddt   and   inlddt<=wektoddt    and   inlddt ='2013-05';

note -- set all the date in this format like

date(inlddt,'YYYY-MM')  AS  inlddt,

date(wekfrddt ,'YYYY-MM' ) AS wekfrddt,

date(wektoddt,'YYYY-MM') AS wektoddt 

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Re: Sql query get to the qlikview

but actually result is not done.

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Re: Sql query get to the qlikview

Actually i have this two tables (QVD)

inlddt is transaction date field

wekfrddt   this is from date in the week master file

wektoddt    this is to date in the week master file.

need ful:

i have a one table it has some date so in that i need to get the week no, from the week master file.this is my quection.under my sql query i have got the result now i need to put in to this qlikview application.

thank you.

waiting for fast reply

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