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Stacked Line Chart Inconsistencies?

See attached Qlikview (with Inline Load Script)

I have two questions.

Both are about strange or inconsistent behavior in stacked line charts.

The only relevant parts are identified using lines/arrows.

The first question is identified with the black arrows.

The only difference between the two charts with the black arrows is the Sort expression used on the "Type" dimension.

In the black-arrow chart on the left -- it does what I expect

In the black-arrow chart on the right - the year 2012 has two sorts of datapoints. It seems to be because the "B" type (colored red) cuts up and to the right.

Anyone know why?

The second question is identified with pink arrows.

In the pink-arrow chart on top-left, the "C" type (colored green) slopes to a 0 in 2016

In the pink-arrow chart on the top-right the "C" type slopes to a 0 in 2016

In the pink-arrow chart to the lower-left the "C" type doesn't slope. It just drops directly to 0 in the year 2015.

Anyone know why?

(I was doing all of this to evaluate the pro's and con's of a stacked line chart. You can ignore the charts not marked by arrows, I understand their behavior, and/or I was using their behavior to try and explain the arrow'd behavior)

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