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'Stacked' Line chart


I am trying to create a line chart with multiple scenarios where each overlays each other.

The visualisation I want needs to show all of the lines but currently they hide each other where the data is the same.

Ideally the lines need to be 'stacked' so they can all be seen.

The first image shows where I have got to, almost working. The second is 'photoshopped' to show what I am trying to achieve.

Any ideas?


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Re: 'Stacked' Line chart

Hi Mark,

Can you share sample data?

That will help more to understand your query.



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Re: 'Stacked' Line chart

Hi Neha

I've enclosed a safe dataset/dashboard for you to look at.

I think the best way to imagine what I am trying to do is a set of project plans with tasks; Scenario is a plan, and scheme is a task. I am trying to overlay them all but see each of the 'tasks'

thanks for your help


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