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Stacked dots in combo chart

Hi all,

I have a combo charts which has 2 dimensions; cities and years. So for every city I want to see the multiple years.

Furthermore I have 3 expression, 2 which are a stacked bar and the 3rd should be a dot which represents an other percentage.

But because off the 2 dimensions it also stacks the dots for the 3rd expression. Could anyone help how to fix this?




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Hello Paul,

I am having almost exactly the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

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Have you tried using a trellis chart? This way one dimension is used to draw different charts and the visual effect could be similar.


Hi Paul.

I don´t know if it's possible to select only "stacking" for some expressions and not for others (I think isn't possible)

You could use arithmetic operations for get the result you want. For example:

Expr1: Sum(Cost)/sum(Total Cost)    

Expr2: Sum(Rent)/sum(Total Rent)     (this will stack these two expressions)

Expr3: Sum(Obj)/Sum(Total Obj)-Expr1-Expr2  (this will stack Expr3 with Expr1 and Expr2, but then you will get only the value for the Expr3)

Try it