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Static max axis problem


I have created a chart where I want the static max axis value to be set to the dimension total value under the current selections

I have the graph showing the dimension total by selecting that option under dimension limits.

I can't figure out how to set the axis max to that total value, I can only get it to set to the dimension max values which obviously skews the visualization of having the total bar added into the chart.


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Re: Static max axis problem

max(total <MyDimension> MyValue) or maybe max(total MyValue). Not sure what you're looking for. Try both options and see if one does what you need.

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Re: Static max axis problem

The problem with those expressions is that it is picking the total max value from the entire database field

I am looking for it to pull the total value based on the selections already made.

So my values shown in the chart are changing depending on current selections, currently the chart shows the total value by selecting it as I mentioned above.

I want the max axis to be that total value.

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