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Step down lines in Bar Chart

Hi everybody,

I am attempting to make a bar chart with the following type of layout.

Say the first bar totals $100, the second is $75, and the third is $60. I would love to have "step down" lines between each chart if possible. I also added a calculated expression to show the savings between the $100 and $60 as a 4th expression in the chart. Is there a way for this to show in middle (vertically) and right (horizontally) of the chart vs another bar at the bottom?

I know I can add the savings % as text in the top of the chart, but I'm not a huge fan of how that looks.

Please see my horribly done MS paint job. Thanks!

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Re: Step down lines in Bar Chart

Well, it's far from ideal imho, but change the chart type from bar chart to combi chart. On the expressions tab check the options Bar and Line under Display Options. Finally select one of the Plateau (xxx) options in the dropdown box on the right of the Line option.

Personally I think you'd be better of without the bars or with a waterfall chart.

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Re: Step down lines in Bar Chart

Yes I guess I am making a waterfall chart manually. I will research this. Thanks for enlightening me, good sir.

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