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Steps needed for Basic Map in QlikView

Hi Guys

I am trying to implement UK maps in the one of the QlikView sheet. Everywhere on the support site we have all sorts of steps for all sorts of map activities but I can’t find a simple method to implement a basic simple map (Any Map – Google or etc.) in the QlikView.

Basically I have a table called location that has two columns – longitude and latitude. These columns hold geo coordinates of various locations. Now I need to implement a map in qlikView sheet that can display all the locations on the map. The columns are dynamic in nature their values keep updating.

Kindly please give me step by step explanation how I can implement this as I am new to Qlikview and plus I am running out of time.


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Re: Steps needed for Basic Map in QlikView

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Re: Steps needed for Basic Map in QlikView

There is no builtin map functionality inside QlikView but there are several extensions available with various degrees of functionality. I recommend to take a look a IdevioMaps (www.idevio.com) which is both easy to get started with and rich of features, to name a few:

* Dynamic symbols with color, size, shape and labels controlled by expressions

* Line rendering for routes, movements, relations etc

* Region coloring, supports drill down and dynamic coloring

* Gradient heatmaps for intensity maps of events and data

* Region library with administrative boundaries and postal code areas for many countries

There are several demos of IdevioMaps available at QlikMarket and QlikDemos.

(Disclaimer, I work for Idevio)



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Re: Steps needed for Basic Map in QlikView

Grab the "What's New in QlikView 11" demo QVW. It has a drillable Google Map page in it. Clone yours from that and you should be good to go. Minimal effort should get you running in less than a day.



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