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Straight Table Adding dimension and removing scrollbar

Hello All,

I have an application where with in a straight table in need to add dimension based upon the customized selections made similar with expressions as well. But the issue here is i am allowed only to select 7 dimension fields and 11 expression and the scroll bar is just below the expression. The moment i select 8th Dimension or 12 expression the table is not expanding and not allowing those fields, also the table only shows the fields that are not part of the selection (Dimension / Expression).

so if i select the 8 Dimension then all the dimension will become invisible in the straight table and unselected dimensions from the customized table becomes visible. But if i reduce a field from the already selected 7 dimensions and add a new dimension field then the fields are displayed correctly in the straight table. The same happens with expression as well.

Please help me as i want all the dimension/expression to be allowed / displayed in the straight table based upon the selections.

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Re: Straight Table Adding dimension and removing scrollbar

Hi Sumit,

Do you have an example of your QVW available to work with?

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