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Straight Table sort issue

Hi everybody,

I Have an QVW created in qv9 and it was working well with qv10 so far .

I was asked to unlock the dinamical sorting possibilities for a straight table. Its a simple chart with one dimension and 5 simple expressions (no if or set analisys).

For my surprise, the sorting didn't work when double clicking the table headers, or through Properties>Sort. Tried all known ways to sort them !

Then I created a chart from zero, with the same dimensions and expressions, and the sorting feature worked.

Did anyone find any problem like this? Any workarounds other than re-creating the older charts?



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Re: Straight Table sort issue

Fernando - I am not providing a solution here but I am sharing my experience where I had a similar problem sometime back. But I had this kind of issue with Combo & Block Chart. When I had copied the Combo Chart and tried to convert the same chart to combo... It was not showing the data for all the dimensions. Inspite of increasing the limit to show everything possible, it did not work. I had to recreate the chart again and it works as it should be...

I'll keep an eye on this post.

Good luck!

Cheers - DV

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Straight Table sort issue

Hi Fernando ,

If you can , can you upload your qvw file so that i can give a try to solve your issue .

thanks a lot .


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Straight Table sort issue

Hi, Fernando!

I had a problem like this before, but I was not just a version upgrade.

I had some dimensions that were renamed and then they were unavaillable that disabled sorting in the object

If I remember correctly, in some cases I had problems with disabled expressions as well... but I'm not sure...

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