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Strange issue with Select in Field


Currently I'm struggling with the following issue:  My data model consists of two tables which aren't linked to each other (data islands). Via Field Event Triggers I pass selections from one field to another (Document Settings > Triggers > Field Event Triggers)


Search string:

  ='(' & GetFieldSelections(A.Region , '|') & ')'  

There's just one problem when regarding "Select Excluded".  I select "Austria" and invert the Selection --> so the Current Selections Box shows "NOT Austria". I would expect to have the same selection in Field B.Region - but the selection is only applied for values that exist in A.Region....

Please find the attached QVW file.

Is Qlikview meant to behave like that?



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Re: Strange issue with Select in Field

Under Settings > User Preferences > General, you can change the amount of items being listed in the current selections (Default is 6, if you change it to 50 for example you will get a list of all your items).

However, this is a user side setting so if you change it in your QlikView installation it will not carry through to other users.

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Re: Strange issue with Select in Field

Okay, I can see the problem now ... thanks for explaining!

Well, do you have any idea how to achieve what I initially expected for "NOT Austria"?

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