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Style list box shown as Tree View (width of expression)

Hi Community,

how can i style my list box, that is shown with TreeView? I Have a field and an expression.

-The place for the expression is to small, even if i resize the whole list box. How can be expression's resized?

- How can i add a title for the name and the Expression so it look like an table?


Unfortunately i need the TreeView, so thats why i dont use pivot or other elements.

I tried it with an Pivot and get for example, for the Tree Path nodes from @1 to @4 so it look like this:


But in comparison to the TreeView of listboxes i can not connect the four nodes to one universal node dimension,

so that when a user choose a node number in the universal node dimension only one node in the tree can be selected.

Please help!

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Re: Style list box shown as Tree View (width of expression)


Probably you have some problems with the data input

¿Can upload them or qv?


Re: Re: Style list box shown as Tree View (width of expression)

Hi Enrique my data Table looks as following:















For the Pivot i am using



From_Field(TABLE,PATH) (txt,utf8,explicit labels,delimiter is '/', msq);

After that i am getting @1, @2 ...

I would like to use the Pivot. But how can i handle the generated nodes :

- change in an generic way the names as there could be n results of @ ?

- join the values of the @ results, to display not only numbers but also the real name?

Also how can it be possible when choosing 66259415 to show not only the first 2 rows, but also the other as 66259415 is a aprt of the full path?

Thanks for helping!

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