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Sum of rows in pivot table

here is an expression that i am using in a pivot table and even if i try to use the aggr i am not getting the desired result, can someone advise on this please?

if([AGFB]='ALL OTHER',[PY GS],sum({< Flag_Std = {'1'} >} Bdt*$(v_RptSel1))/1000)

in this expression

[PY GS]- is an another expression label name.

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Re: Sum of rows in pivot table

Hi Dinesh,

Can you post your QVW so we can see the dimensions you're using in your chart.

Have you tried 'show partial sums' in the presentation tab of the chart properties?



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Re: Sum of rows in pivot table

Never mind i figured it.

The way i did this is instead  of using the column label [PY GS] i used the whole expression with Sum(aggr(expresssion,DIM1,DIM2)) and it worked.


Re: Sum of rows in pivot table

Few suggestions:

1. Bdt*$(v_RptSel1))/1000)  > Bdt * $(v_RptSel1) - space it out a bit, especially with *

2. Is the Flag a text or a number? '1' vs 1 for < Flag_Std = {'1'} >}

3. consider =$ for dollar sign expansion.

Hope this Helps.


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Re: Sum of rows in pivot table

Thanks Greg williams.

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