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Supressing Null value in straight table while giving alternate row color.


I have a straight table as shown below.


Abi 2/2/2013
Christy -
Ronald 6/6/2012
Venkat 5/10/2013
Jim -
Jeremy -

Now i want to show only the rows that has no date(i.e date is null)

I added an expression like (if (len(date)=0,1,0)). I got as shown below.


Dim1Dim2Datetest date
Abi 2/2/20130
Christy -1
Ronald 6/6/20120
Venkat 5/10/20130
Jim -1
Jeremy -1

and then I checked Supress Zero Values in presentation tab.

the result i got is,


Dim1Dim2Datetest date
Christy -1
Jim -1
Jeremy -1

Now, the problem is when I tried to give alternate row color using the expression if(even(rowno(total)),rgb(255,255,0)),again the rows with date are coming up. like the second fig.I want the rows in figure 3 to be colored alternatively not fig 2.

Any idea on this is highly appreciated.



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