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System Tables for non-system info

I find that the table format that QlikView calls a "System Table" is closer to a pivot table than what they call a "Pivot Table".  I want to use the format of a system table to show my data, not $fields and $tables.  However, I cannot get more than one row header.  I have 9 or 10 fixed fields that I want on the left and one that I want as the column headers.  When I include all these fields in the system table, it puts the first field as the row header and all the others as column headers.

Has anyone used a system table to show data and is there any documentation for doing so?

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Re: System Tables for non-system info

If you look at the configuration of the System Table object, it is just a pivot table object with pre-defined dimensions and expressions.

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Re: System Tables for non-system info

Greetings Colin,

Actually it is not.  If I have 2 dimensions (A, B) and one expression (C) in a Pivot Table object, I will get two columns for A & B with all the like values grouped together, and one column with whatever calculated expression I have for  C, 3 columns total.  For example:

       B1   C1

A1   B2   C2

       B3   C3

With a system table, if I have the same 2 dimensions, I will get a row for each value of A and a column for each value of B with the computed value of expression C in the cell. The number of rows will be the same, but the number of columns will be equal to 1 + the distinct values of B, which is exactly what I want.  For example:

      B1   B2   B3

A1  C1   C2   C3

A2  C4   C5   C6

A3  C7   C8   Cn

However, I would like to add more dimensions as single columns to this System Table object.  For example, dimensions A, B, C, D and expression E for a result like this:

                    D1   D2   D3   D4

      B1   C1   E    E    E    E   

A1  B2   C2   E    E    E    E

      B3   C3   E    E    E    E

This is a pivot table as Excel would do it.  Is there an easy way to achieve this?

Re: System Tables for non-system info

Create your pivot chart with dimensions A,B,C,D and expression E and you can drag the dimensions from the rows to the columns to get the format you require. Make sure that the Allow Pivoting option is checked.

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Re: System Tables for non-system info

That did it.  Thanks.  I never would have figured out that such a move was even possible without your help.  I have never seen that big blue arrow before!

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