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Text Object appearing everywhere in container

I have a container that is split into two (Client Chart and Client Details).  On the client chart "tab" I have just one large bar graph, converted from a scatter chart.  I needed to label the axis with words, not the default numbers inserted by the bar chart so I made the xaxis values completely transparent.  This "hid" the numerical values so I was to just create 4 text objects and place them along the axis and the appropriate points.

Everything is fine on the "client chart" tab when I click on the "Client Details" tab the text objects appear at the bottom, i don't want them to appear here.  Is there anyway to just have them show on the container?  These containers are all on one sheet called "QA"

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Re: Text Object appearing everywhere in container

Would it help to have Qlikview display the text in stead placing textboxes?

You can assign text values to numbers in the LOAD script e.g. with the ApplyMap function

Something like this:


Mapping LOAD * INLINE [

    NumberValue, TextValue

    1, Text1

    2, AAAA

    3, ABCDE

    4, UVWXY

    5, Z123



LOAD ApplyMap('MapTable', MyNumber)

Now you can use the TextValue in your dimension (but QV will still sort numerically)

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Re: Text Object appearing everywhere in container

so i got the mapping all setup and everything checks out.  But when I need to put an expression value in the chart it either gives me the numbers or when i use the mapping field value i get "No Data Display". 

I attached a screenshot of the chart

As you can see the labels across the top are the numbers, i need to have the values displayed in the listbox, field is [QA Phase Value].




Wrap Up=4


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