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Text on Axis disappears


I recently upgraded to the latest QlikView Desktop November 2017 release... and noticed that the "text on axis" just disappeared!  Here are before-and-after screen shots from old PDFs I had (excerpts as this is live data):



After doing some experimentation in a test sheet, it seems that with the latest version, the Text on Axis gets pushed up into the graph depending on the length of dimension labels.  The three images below illustrate that - the same graph, just showing different dimensions being filtered based on label length.  See how the text gets pushed up, and disappears on the last one.  The text-on-axis is of course the numbers in red.

Short Labels - Copy.PNG

Medium Labels - Copy.PNG

Long Labels - Copy.PNG

Would be very grateful if someone else has experienced this, and found a workaround.  I specifically don't want to display "Values on Data Points".



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Re: Text on Axis disappears

Try by resizing the chart size.

Press and hold Ctrl + Shift.. Then resize the chart frames using mouse.