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Time Frame and Water Fall Chart


I am new to Qlikview, so kindlu provide a step by step process flow.

I want to make a water fall chart of sales volume of products vs the products. Also, I want to create a list box to calculate volume for a particular time frame.

I will explain it to you in greater detail:

1. I have to make a water fall chart which shows how sales volume of products vary with products. The waterfall chart will also include the 2011 total volume of sales for all products and that for 2012 as well

1. I want a list box which has fields 0,3,6,12,24 where these numbers are time ranges across 2 years. When I click on 0 in the list box, the waterfall chart should dynamically change and I should get the sales volume of all the products and total sales volume for months 24 and 23. This is to compare the sales in 24th month and 23rd month

2. When I click on 3, it should give me the same for aggregated(months 18 to 21) and aggregated(months 21 to 24), again so that i can compare it across the time ranges.

3. Similarly for all time frames.

P.S. : The fields in the list box have to be created by using inline fields which I guess, I will be able to perform.

Thanks and Regards,


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