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To obtain different result with the same table


I have a table in which there is a string field that rapresent a count, an field description, an field data and a field amount.

From the field data i extract another 2 fields month(data) as mese and year(data) as anno and i want to obtain selecting month and year

the amount per definition of the selectioned year and for the precedent year.

The chart must be ...

Accantonamenti       050-100
Altri acquisti1231230
Imposte e tasse120100+20

wherte in dimensions there is the description , and the 2 expressions are :

sum(TOTAL <description> if (year(data)= <selectioned year>,amount,0)


sum(TOTAL <description> if(year(data)-1=<selectioned year>,amount,0)

but is not correct and above all, i see only the values that are present in each expression

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