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To set an event on clear action

Hi Guys,

I have a qlikview report in which i am displaying some records in the straight table..

Here I have two calender objects to select the period. By default the calender objects will be set with max date from the data base.

My requirement is given below.

The max(date) availabel in the data is 7-aug-2013.

When the report is opened, the calenders will be set with 7-aug-2013(Means that one day  data will be displayed in the straight table).

After the report is opened, user made some selections in the calender. for example user selected 27-July-2013.

After that when the user clears the selection, the calender will show 27-july-2013 ,because that is the last selected value.

'Clear' action is not clearing the calender obeject.

Now the my customer requirement is that when the user makes some selection and after that if he clear the selction the calender objects should be set with the max date availabel in the data set, it should not be set with the latest selection made.

The thing should be noticed here is that I don't have any button for 'Clear' action. User has to use the default 'clear' which is avilable in the qlikview application.

Means whatever the selction made by the user, finaly when he clear the selection, the calenders should be set with max of date.

Hope you guys understand my requirement.Please advise me with your comments

Thanks and Regards,


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Re: To set an event on clear action


Two questions to understand your requirement

1. Why are the date selections not getting cleared when clicking on "Clear"?

2. Is it a requirement that "Clear" button should not be created?


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Re: To set an event on clear action

Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for your reply.

Answers for your questions.

1)Calender is created on variables which will not be cleared on qlikview clear action.

2)Customer does not want Clear button as the default clear option is available in QV

Please reply back if you need more info.

Thanks and Regards,


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Re: To set an event on clear action

Hi Praveen,

I have attached a Sample look at it.

You can achieve this by many ways I have explained 2

1. I have created a Button which you can click and get the default Selection.

2. I have set Clear mode even by Default if you click on Clear it will give you same output.

I suggest you to create a Button and for respective you can also use

  1. Sheet Triggers,
  2. Chart message when user select a Date then only it should appear else a Message.

hope this help you

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Re: To set an event on clear action

Maybe below video (clear all button does not clear all) will help or led you to solution: Clear All Document Event in QlikView - YouTube

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