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Tooltips on Boxplots


I like the boxplot wizard, but I would like to add additional tooltips that will show no matter where on the x-axis data points the user hovers over.

Currently, the tooltip only displays when the user hovers over the upper outlier and only the x-axis value and the outlier are displayed. I would like these values plus the 75th, median, 25th, and lower outliers to be displayed on hover over the upper, boxplot, and lower points.

How can I do this?


Dan Reber

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Re: Tooltips on Boxplots

Hey Dan, it would be in the chart properties somewhere if it is there.  I have been digging in the Help, and unfortunately not finding much in that regard, and I do not have an app with a Boxplot handy to poke around there.  If you have already checked all the Chart Properties after creating the Boxplot, I would have to say what you want to do is likely not possible.  The only thing to which I could point at that point would be an Extension potentially, but I have no idea if anyone has done any related to Boxplots or not.  

I did check the Design Blog area and Henric did do a post on Boxplots, so I am going to give you that link below, not sure it will be of any help, but maybe it will give you another idea.  Sorry I do not have anything better.



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