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Top 5 dealers

Hi everyone,

I have a requirement  of top 5 dealers to display in straight table. Top 5 dealers shud be selected based on certain numbers called complaint numbers for which i am using the formula as     

=count({<COMMON_MONTH={$(#vMaxMonth)},[Complaint Source]={'TZY','Dealer, TZY'},[Complaint Related To]={'Sales'}>}[Complaint Number])

the above expression has to be divided by sales volume of Particular dealer.

For example the dealer  'BJS'  mentioned in sample data1 excel sheet  has count of Complaint number as '2' ,suppose he is on Top1 this value has to be divided by his sales volume  '32' mentioned in samole data 2 excel sheet.

so i get 2/32  * 10000 = 625.

the sales volume is present in different sheet. so i have 2 excel sheet, i am not getting how to map.

if i use sum(sales volume) i get total volume which is not correct. I want sales volume of the particular dealer. how can i achieve dis.

I have attached both the excel sheet.

Thanks in Advance


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