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Total Label repeats on each dimension column after export to excel

Dear all,

     Any one have any idea if this is the native bahavior ?

Any idea if it is possible to let the label show once ONLY ?


1.) Created a straight table with TOTAL and type in TOTAL Label


2.) Then Export to Excel as got the following:


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I don't know if this is the usual behaviour of QV. But an idea for a workaround could be to label the second column with a space ' ', which would be invisible at export.

// sebablum

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Sebablum, thanks for your reply.

What you mentioned could be done in Pivot table but not in Straight Table.

In Stranght Table, there is only one place for you to define the Total Label.


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Yes I see. Sorry, but I don't know a way out then. Maybe you should use Pivot Table and activate "Always fully expanded"?



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No worry, it is good to exchange ideas because this always stimulate thought!

Change it to Pivot Table could be a solution but in my case, cannot because due I have to hide some columns while Pivot Table do not have Hide Column option.

Thanks for your sharing!!


Is EMPNO set as a dimension ? If so, trying setting as an expression only(EMPNO) and then setting no total for it.


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Thanks Jonathan. My example above is just a sample and in my case, the straight table object is not that simple.

Seems like this is the native behavior of Qlikview and can only be solved using some work arounds like your suggestion.

Thanks again