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Tree View - Bubble chart help

I have the attached a qvw and excel sheet for my problem. I got this example from the forum and trying to modify it to fit my needs.

1. In the excel sheet just remove the last three rows and execute the script, you will see the entire tree.

Notice the App1àApp1\Default  branch appearing.

2. Go back to the excel and undo the changes with the last three rows and check what the rows are for (just the date is different but other fields are same as the top 3).

3. Save excel sheet and Come back to Qlikview to reexecute the script.

Notice the App1àApp1\Default  branch disappeared.

Bottomline I will have these nodes repeated for every day. The tree is drawn well if we have single set of values. If the same set is repeated for the next day the tree ignores it. How can I aggregate or consolidate these rows to draw the entire tree.

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