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Trellis chart - different axes?


I have a barchart simply counting cells (from an Excel sheet) which are filled with an 'X'.

=> I have made that into a Trellis_type chart.

<=> The issue is, in one of the charts I have now, the Count (the expression on the y-axis) goes up to 150 and the axis adapts 
        <=> In the other two charts, the Count barely reaches 10 or 20, so that on that axis the columns are barely visible.

=> Can I somehow set the axis to go up to 150 in one of the three charts and only to 50 or so in the other two?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Trellis chart - different axes?


You can't. When you use trellis the axes are supposed to be the same.

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Re: Trellis chart - different axes?

Hi whiteline,

thanks for clarifying! I thought so.

I have found a workaround by simply conditionalizing the display of the expressions so that the expressions in this one area (it is only one) are not displayed => the axes now all go up only to 30, that's fine.

For that one area I just generated another chart which I also put in the container_box, with another axis.

Best regards,


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Re: Trellis chart - different axes?

You could divide the value with the maximum value per dimension (first dimension).

See attached file.

The charts with the blue bars are plotted against a fixed axis. This is regular QlikView behavior.

In the charts with the dark grey bars each value is divided with the maximum value within that dimension. Hence they show a proportion and not the actual value. The highest value is alwasy at 1.

A work around for this is used in the bottom right chart, which has two expressions - one for the proportion and one for actual values on data points. Of course, you will need to hide the axis, since it only goes to 1.


Re: Trellis chart - different axes?

Hi ,

I am also facing the same issue. Can you please tell me what is the work arroound

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Re: Trellis chart - different axes?

Hi Alex. I'm pretty new (~3 months' experience) to Qlikview, and I tried your method. The scale of the Y-axis did not change based on the largest value.

I have a trellis chart (line chart) with three cyclic groups as dimensions. Could you please suggest how I can edit your expression to suit my purpose?

Thanks in advance!

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