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Trellis chart doesn't give me what I need, but close. Ideas?

I've been asked to create an overview tab where each KPI can be looked at simultaneously in it's own chart, sorted by country, best performing to worst performing. I started with a bar chart with country as a dimension and then used trellis functionality to add KPI as another dimension, thus making a chart for each KPI.

From a presentation point of view, they liked how this looked, but the issue is two-fold:

1. I can't sort differently for each chart using trellis. So if the USA was #1 for KPI 20 but only #3 for KPI 32, I can't have the USA bar in different spots in the graphs in this one object (unless I'm missing something).

2. Depending on what type of KPI it is, the scale can be different. So for some KPIs it's field X / field Y as a percentage, and for others it's just field Z as an absolute number. I can only choose one scale for the whole object.

So my thought was I'd need to instead make one chart per KPI, but then presentation becomes an issue. The nice thing about the trellis chart is that I can allow scrolling through the charts without scrolling the whole page (and thus losing navigation). I can also use filters so that they can select particular KPIs or categories of KPIs the number of charts diminish, but they stay together.

I've thought of using a straight table with KPI dimension and a minichart as the expression, but it doesn't give me enough control over the bars and their colors. I also played with the container, but from what I can tell that will only ever allow one object to be displayed at a time.

I'm out of ideas!

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Trellis chart doesn't give me what I need, but close. Ideas?

You might want to check out the V11 grid container, which let's you display multiple charts.

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