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Trouble with a combochart - some data seems to be gone ...


I am having trouble with a combochart I have created.

It is supposed to be a multi-layered chart, using several dimensions dependent on the user's selections, so that the user can use it to analyze data on several levels.

The issue is, I actually have only one expression (a nr. of items), but I had to make it into several because the nr. of items in one category (dimension) is much greater than the nr. of items in the other category, so I cannot draw both on the same axis

=> I have three possible values on the dimension: "category A", "category B" or "both"
   => I had to make the expression into three, one for every possible selection (the nr. of items for "both" is much greater, so that is
        drawn on the left axis, the other two on the right. I might be able to reduce that to two.

- Now I am having some issue, I don't know exactly what yet, where some data - that I can see in the detail_table - is not displayed.

Explaining my chart in detail here would probably take more time than repairing it.

=> My actual question is: What are the possibilities and is there sth. like a "best practice" to debug a chart that uses multiple dimensions and/or multiple expressions?

(My idea would just be using a set of textboxes with the different expressions used to make sure their combination works the way they are supposed to; Is there another or a better way?)

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Trouble with a combochart - some data seems to be gone ...

There is a dimension "category" where the following selections are possible:

- (no selection at all)

- category A

- category B

- both

=> Since the nr. of items to be plotted is much greater for the value "both" than in either category, I cannot draw them on the same axis, so
=> I need two expressions with a set_analysis each for the case of "no selections at all", to draw one left and one right

=> Then I need one more for the possible selection "category A" and one for "category B" and one for "both", to draw
      those on the left (in either case, there is only one nr. of items to be plotted)

=> I have five expressions, each with a condition, to plot the nr. of items.

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