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Trying to use multi-page report with a text object - is it possible?

Hi Everyone!

I'm trying to create a semi automated report system for some end users to replace the long and very manual process they have at the moment.  The report is essentially in five parts - front page with pics and titles, couple of pages of static text, a budget table, notes about the budget and variance and then an apportionment table.  I've got through most of this but am hitting problems with the notes section.  There are about 20 different expense categories, but each budget is tailored to a building so not all buildings will have something under each heading.  Add to that, the length of notes about each section is very variable - some might be a straightforward set fee so a short note about what that covers is fine, others there may be a significant discrepancy between last year and current budget which needs to be explained. 

I've managed to get round this by using a text box that looks for a value in the budget for each expense category and returning notes and values if there is a budget but not if there isn't.  However, this text box is going to run over at least two pages.  I've tried adding a text box to a multi-page report page but it only prints the first page.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I was thinking about using a straight table but each section the text would be in ends up the same size so looks odd when you have a mix of one line and multi-line comments.

Many thanks in advance for your ideas and help!


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