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Two dates, one mastercalender

Hi People,

I have the following problem and I do not have any idea to solve this properly.

I have a tabel with actions, a action has a registerdate and a completiondate.

I build a QV application based on registerdate. I can make counts of numbers of actions that has been registered.

Now I came to the following problem, I want to visualize the number of actions registered let's say one month, but the column next to it I would like to show the number of actions that has been completed that one month.

My idea was to make a copy of my action table and rename the registrationdate and completiondate and link both fields to the same mastercalender. Problem with this solution is that if have to copy every table that has a link with my actiontable. This is not the ideal solution i think. Maybe concatenate can help me?

Can anybody help me?

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