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Two expressions in linear gauge (combination of two columns in a single column)


I have a requirement of combining two different columns (two different expressions) and display in a single column.

Is it possible? A single linear gauge Column with two segments instead of two linear gauge Columns with a single segment.

e.g. if A = 20% and B = 40%, then Instead of displaying two columns A & B, requirement is to display a single column let us say C which will display A as well as B with two line segments.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi Sohm,

In linear gauge you can have as many segments as you need.

Fr each of it, you set the limit

Let say first segment 0 is 0 and associate red color

second segment A starts 0.2 and associate yelow color

third segment B starts 0.4 and associate green color

so you'll get red between 0 and 20%, yellow between  20 and 40% and green over 40%

best regards




If you by "two segments" mean two expressions displayed with two bars, then that is not possible. Gauges only support a single expression. Segments in gauges usually mean the red/yellow/green portions of the gauge.

To display something like this, create two gauges, trim down the 'decoration' as much as possible. Line them up and add a background behind them - for example a text box on a lower layer - to visually 'combine' them. If you need a scale, put it on one of the two bars so that it appears above or below the pair of bars.



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