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Use data from Pivot chart for bar chart

Hi all,

I am new to QlikView. So far, I am very impressed what is possible with this tool. However, I am now stuck with a problem which solution I have not found in the community (I do not know the exact QlikView words to describe it). I think there is a solution, so here is the problem ;-):

My database consist of several tables which are linked through synthetic keys. Due to several n:m relations my total data has about 1 million rows. Based on that set, I create an chart objects with two dimensions and several calculated expressions. Each expression uses the aggr function, i.e.

  • Calculated expression 1: AGGR function 1
  • Calculated expression 2: AGGR function 2
  • Calculated expression 3: AGGR function 3
  • Calculated expression 4: AGGR function 4
  • Calculated expression 5: function of all above expression (note that I do not repeat the calculation but use the synonyms because expression 5 is the latest one and all other have been already calculated before.

In the next step, I want to create a hisogramm (using the bar chart) based on the above pivot chart. But that's the problem. I have no idea how to do this. Is there a way to input the results of above chart into a new one?

So, temporary I have done the following:

I have created a new chart. Within that chart I use an calculated dimension which gives the same result as the calculated expression 5 (enrichted with the CLASS function for histogram) from above chart. Next, I add an counter.But QlikView must calculate all data again, i.e. in the first chart and now in the bar chart. Because the aggregations are very complex QlikView uses a lot or RAM and my application is now very slow.

Many thanks!


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