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Using AutoNumber to replace fields?


in a QlikView-App I have built, I had to implement a SELECT on the personell database just to determine, whether on any given Saturday, the company was producing or not. To that end, I count(distinct) the personell_numbers that checked in on that day, restricted to the core team of employees.

For that particular app, I don't even need to see the field with the personell number, I only need them as a unique identifier that I can count.

Can I, for further security, use the AutoNumber function in QlikView to replace the personell numbers by a unique numeric value? Then I would not even have to load it into my QliklView app.

The AutoNumber function does assign a unique number to any new value found in a field, doesn't it? Which one should I use? The simple one, the Hash128-variation or the Hash256-.variation? What is the difference anyway?

Thanks a lot!

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