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Using BLOB images (from MS Access OLE objects)

I have a table named Program and its fields are :
- Name_Program (the primary key)

- a field that hold some numeric value (unrelated to my problem)
- Image_Program (contains an image of the program and the program's name appears on the image)

I have made a pivot table which looks like this :


I would like to know if it's possible to use the Image instead of the Name?
I tried but it gives me the String interpretation of the image file... even when I set the properties of that dimension to represent as an image...

Is there any way I can make the image display?

I've read about the BUNDLE and INFO statements in the script but still haven't made it work

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Re: Using BLOB images (from MS Access OLE objects)

Have you tried setting the field to display as image? On the Presentation tab set the field from test to Info as Image... The only solutions I've seen of this are from a SQL db not Access so not sure

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Re: Using BLOB images (from MS Access OLE objects)

I've found this for you in the help:


If a piece of external information, such as a text file, a picture or a multimedia presentation is to be connected to a field value, this is done in a table that is loaded through an info prefix. (In some cases it will be preferable to store the information inside the .qvw file, by using the bundle prefix.) The table must contain two columns only, the first one with the field values that will form the keys to the information, the second one containing the file names of the pictures etcetera. 

The same applies to, for example, a picture from a database management system. On a binary field, a blob, the info select statement makes an implicit bundle, i.e. the binary data will be fetched immediately and stored in the qvw. The binary data must be the second field in a select statement.

The syntax is:

info ( loadstatement | selectstatement )


Info Load * from flagoecd.csv;

Info Select * from infotable;

Info Select Key, Picture From infotable;

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Re: Using BLOB images (from MS Access OLE objects)

This is the script that I tried :


LOAD `Name_Program`,
FROM Program;

info LOAD `Name_Program` as Name_Program,
    `Image_Program` as Img_Program;
FROM Program;

As you can see, I have tried to use the INFO keyword in the load script, but I cannot access the Img_Program field as a dimension (it just doesn't appear in the fields list!)

I have noticed something weird when I reload the data using this script :


As you can see, we never see the "ProgramImage" table being loaded.

Instead of appearing in the data reload log, there is just a blank space

What am I doing wrong while trying to load the Img_Program as an Image field into qlikview?

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Using BLOB images (from MS Access OLE objects)

Can anyone tell me if the script shown above is good at all?

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