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Using a colour on selected tab in a container

Hi, newbie help needed...

I created a container with 3 tabs. I want to colour the selected tab only. Under Presentation/Tab Colour, I see there's an option for adding a "Calculated" colour, and i'm thinking i can add an expression to say colour the active tab XYZ colour, else make the colour ABC, but I don't know how to write the expression!



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Re: Using a colour on selected tab in a container

You can set the foreground and bacground colors seperatly. Make sure to adjust the color transperency as you like it. I always get about 50% as default when creating containers.


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Re: Using a colour on selected tab in a container

Thanks for your reply, maybe I didn't explain the question correctly or I'm still missing something. The background setting sets a colour for the background of the container. I'm trying to set the colour red for the active tab and the colour grey for the inactive tab within a Container with Tabs. It seems I can only set one colour per tab, and the system default adds a transparency to the inactive tab.

I thought maybe there would be an option if I were to set a condition on that one colour to be one colour if active and a different colour if not active.

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