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Using selection from Listbox in Diagramm

Hi there,

i hope you can help me. im pretty new to qlikview and need some support.

i have tow tables and there are linked with one key.

in this tables are two different dates, one in each table. the problem is the combination of those dates.

if the user selects a month in a listbox of table a, i want to get the information which month is selected and sum all rows in table b with that month. the problem is, that the date columns are namend different and the should not be renamed.

does anybody has in idea?

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Re: Using selection from Listbox in Diagramm

If you select in table a, the records in table b would get filtered due the linked key fields.

Do you want the count to consider this filter or just count the unfiltered table where date in table b equals the selected value?

In latter case, try maybe

=Count({1} If( DateB = ($(=Num(DateA))),  DateB))

In the fist case try

Count( If(DateB = DateA, DateB))

Both expression only return the count if you select a single date in table a.


Re: Using selection from Listbox in Diagramm

Maybe you can also use set analysis for the count:

=Count( {1<DateB = $:Smiley Very HappyateA >} DateB)


=Count( {<DateB = $:Smiley Very HappyateA >} DateB)

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