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Value on Data Point Stacked Bar - Only on Top


i have a Stacked Bar and i would like to show only one value on data point on the top.

I created two expression:

1) for bar chart

2) for label

I have a negative value for a segment (-298) , so Qlik insert me two label (on top and on down)

Stacked Bar.png

How can I do to show label only on the sum (In this case only on the top) ?

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Re: Value on Data Point Stacked Bar - Only on Top

May be create another label which just display the Sum by the your first dimension using Aggregate and place it on the chart. I will have to play around with it to give a better response, but try playing around with it your end as well.



Re: Value on Data Point Stacked Bar - Only on Top

See if the attached application helps:


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Re: Value on Data Point Stacked Bar - Only on Top

combo.pngHi Sunny,

ty for help but i have to use total.

My expression it's:        (your sum(value))

num(round(sum(total <F.COMPETITOR, F.Y_Quarter>F.#ACT_E)),'#,##0')                (Operating Income = F#ACT_E)

and only for business segment > 0  i would to like  sum total

so i tried:

dual(if(num(round(sum(total <F.COMPETITOR, F.Y_Quarter, F.BUSINESS_SEGMENT>F.#ACT_E)),'#,##0') >=0, num(round(sum(total <F.COMPETITOR, F.Y_Quarter>F.#ACT_E)),'#,##0'),''),num(round(sum(total <F.COMPETITOR, F.Y_Quarter>F.#ACT_E)),'#,##0'))

If i use > 0  in "IF..."  not works        (2 record > 0        and 2 <= 0 )   see image . Not insert label

IF i use >= 0  in "IF..." WORKS            (3 records VS 1 that are in >= 0            Insert one label on the top

This it's strange ....too


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