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Variables slider to influence values shown in ListBox

Dear all,

I'm trying to create a slider, which should influence the values visible in a ListBox.

If not a listbox, at least a straight table or something similar (though ListBox would be the most preferred option by far, since user are making selections from the listbox).

I'm having a slider working on two variables, multimode, whereas Data Variable(s) are vUp and vDown.

Min and Max Value is 0 and 10.

Basically, I would like to display in the ListBox, just a list of the item where a third variable, let say vCount, is included in the range determined by the slider (> VDown AND < vUp ).

Is this achievable? I am trying hard since the last hours, but for the life of me, I can't come up with anything working..,

thank you!

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Re: Variables slider to influence values shown in ListBox

Why don't you set your slider to use the field you want to select in instead of using variables? Set the Data option to Field and choose your field. Select Multi Value as Mode. If you do need to use variables you can use a listbox with an expression like =if(MyField>VDown and MyField<vUp,MyField)

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Re: Variables slider to influence values shown in ListBox

well, because the Field I vould like to see in the ListBox is the Item list.

And the parameter on which the selection should be made about is a variable, vCount.

So I guess I should make vCount as a field in the script.

I was already thinking about this solution, but since vCount is dependant on other calculations, I wanted to avoid to do many RESIDENT LOADS in the script...


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